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Vision 561 Productions

Creative, Compelling, Entertaining

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Vision 561 Productions is the Detroit area filmmaking team of Lisa Hagopian and Eric Harabadian.  Our vision is to communicate through documentary film the intriguing stories we discover in a compelling, creative and entertaining manner. Though we currently are focusing on documentary projects, we have also produced music videos and promotional pieces.

Filmmaking is a challenging journey but we are dedicated to this pursuit.

313 516 5937      [email protected]

Feel free to make a donation to our Go Fund Me campaign for our feature length documentary currently in production, We Thrive

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Our interview with Dr. Angela Williamson

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Paradise Boogie trailer

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Paradise Boogie shines a light on the influence of Detroit's early blues musicians, the neighborhoods of Black Bottom & Paradise Valley and how it all influenced the music makers of today and tomorrow. Detroit's bluesmakers demonstrate the melding of times and sharing of cultures through the blues. Highlighting the alliance of a veteran hall of famer musician and a 10 year old harp player, we honor the past, savor the present and strive toward the future of Detroit blues

Cliff Casteel Interview on KTFX 2018

Lisa Hagopian & Eric Harabadian put their hearts into this project (Paradise Boogie)  and have brought forth a timeless documentation of an often overlooked and under appreciated chapter in the canon of the blues. It has been featured on PBS. They have taken this film to countless festivals across the country and internationally to unanimous acclaim. They have performed a great service to the City of Detroit, to artists and fans of the blues everywhere, and to the genre. It is a film all music lovers need to discover.

Reviewed by Joe Kidd – JKSB Media LLC

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Nothin' but Music shows the creativity and perseverance it takes to have a life long, full time career doing nothing but music - no day job to fall back on. We follow musicians Benny 'Jet' Speer from Benny and the Jets Band, a 'working class' musician at it for 40 years, and blues guitarist Howard Glazer. As well, we will gain insights from Question Mark of ? and the Mysterians, flutist Alexander Zonjic , singer Eliza Neals and many others. We see the diverse roads taken to have a lifelong career as a musician.

5.0 out of 5 stars Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2017

This documentary was beautifully done and takes a spectacular look into the lives of musicians making it only on music...'Nothin But Music ' is a must see!

                                                                        Clarissa Stark

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Nothin' but Music theme song

Memories of the SS Columbia

DVDs of both films are available for purchase at the retailers listed at left as well as Bookbeat in Oak Park, Michigan and Cathead Delta Blues and Folk Art in Clarksdale, Mississippi.